Text the Romance Back – Guide for the Romantically Challenged

Text the Romance Back was created for me – male, married, living with a spousal roommate instead of a lover. I am more than romance challenged. Romance impaired. Romance illiterate. In short, a guy.

Here’s the conundrum. Men need romance. Men need Text the Romance Back. Instructions. Step-by-step exactly what to do. We’re not likely to buy TRB because we are not online searching for it. So like always, we need our wives or girlfriends to get “Text the Romance Back” and use those romance messages on us relentlessly without our knowledge or consent.

We’re men. We hunt. Once we’re knocking boots under the covers, we’re done with romance. Battle done. Game over. We stop asking you out and showing up with those little gifts and surprises.

Most women think men should come with an instruction manual. Getting a man to meet your need for love and romance is more difficult than understanding the Laws of Thermodynamics.

We need help, and it has to come from you.

Text the Romance Back

1. Why Men Aren’t Romantic

The fact is, men secretly crave romance at least as much as women do, but they’re either too emotionally closed off or too shy to tell you how they really feel or don’t know how to sweep you off your feet.

By simply using a few proven text messages sent from your average cell phone, you can give your man permission to be romantic – to open up and tell you how he really feels, and to take you back in a “Relationship Time Machine” so you love each other (and lust after each other) like you did when you first met.

2. Technology

Texting on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry is not just for tweeners anymore. Any guy with two thumbs can master it. For short conversations, texting is now preferred over phone calls that can take longer. Also, a romantic text message can be received quietly without interrupting a meeting, class, or work.

3. Private.

Texting is private, and you can do it from anywhere. A text to bring the romance back is person-to-person, lover-to-lover. No one overhears the conversation. While romance doesn’t require it, you can get a little randy with your intimate partner without risk of detection.

4. Texting, not sexting.

If you’ve watched the news, you’ve heard of sports stars, politicians, and even teenagers getting in trouble for “sexting”.

If he had stuck with texting, instead of sexting provocative photos to women not his wife, former Congressman Anthony Weiner might not be so former. Not used properly, texting can crush the careers of promising politicians and others.

I know what my lover looks like. A few well chosen words are all I need for images and memories to flood my brain.

Women are way ahead of men in the SMS department. Thousands of women are discovering that bring out the “hidden romantic” in their men is as simple as hitting a few buttons on their cell phone and texting a few “special” messages proven to work wonders.

5. I don’t know what to say.

“Text the Romance Back” to the rescue. Of course, this is mostly a guy problem. Even SMS (Short Message Service) can feel like writing War and Peace. TRB maps it out using the most intriguing messages I have ever seen.

If you are a guy, get the TRB program and put it to use. Your wife or girlfriend will melt and give you back more than you can imagine. Be warned. She may wonder what happened to the man she knew.

6. Male Transformation Tool

Women, admit it. No matter how great a guy you think your partner was when you met him, once in a committed relationship, you are constantly trying to fix him. Hints don’t work. Even when you spell out exactly what you want, you have maybe a 50-50 chance he will deliver. And then it’s not totally satisfying because he did not think of it himself.

Don’t just try to fix your man – transform him.

Powerful tiny text messages will make your man want to turn from a romantic knucklehead into knight in shining armor. He will now be eager to give you all the love and attention you desire.

7. Save your relationship with a text?

Could it really be this easy? Text messages are the closest thing to telepathy we have. Push a few buttons on your cell phone and you create a private fantasy world between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. You can say or do anything without anyone else having a clue.

Tiny romantic text messages will have him fantasizing about you all day long, even if he is away on business, and waiting for the time you are back in his arms.

8. I don’t have time for romance.

Not true, but we do get so tied up with jobs and kids and daily chores that we back burner the very thing we need to stay close to our significant other. No matter how busy our day, no matter how far apart we are, there is always time to push a few buttons and make your lover’s day.

Text the Romance Back

Tens of thousands of women and men around the world are using little text messages within their relationships to create amazing romance, intimacy, and passion at the push of a button.

Before you decide if “Text the Romance Back” is for you, watch this short, eye-opening video by relationship expert and romance coach Michael Fiore.

You’ll learn the real reason romance “dies” in most relationships, and the 3 things your man needs from you in order to open up his secret romantic desires.

Male or female, you owe it to yourself to jazz up your relationship.

Click here to watch the video, put it in action, and achieve the intimate, sexy, and fun relationship you deserve.

~ Charles Lamm