Why He Lies and Cheats

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If you are like most women you have no doubt been lied to by a man . . .

You have been lied to by every man you have ever loved.

Way back in the 60s, Bill Cosby had a comedy routine about his “Two Daughters”. He talked about what he did as a young man with the women. Lying to them. Cheating on them. And now he had two daughters. “The hunter has become the hunted.”

The uncomplicated reality is, guys lie to women all the time . . .

Unimportant stuff…

About substantial things . . .

About stuff that does not seem to matter at all . . .

And the majority of women want to know WHY?

WHY can’t he just tell me the truth?

My friend Michael Fiore (a nationally acknowledged relationship authority who has helped thousands of women) says there are in reality 3 reasons that men lie to women (and 2 of them are actually pretty innocent . . . here’s the first one that tends to SHOCK lots of women.)

Michael states that men lie to women because men are SCARED of women.

If a man has ever driven you crazy, kept you up all night worrying or confused, or driven you to tears, then The Secret Survey is the step-by-step guide which finally reveals the REAL truth about men…the truth every man in your life (even men who love you) has lied to you about and tried to keep secret from you.

According to Dr. John Gottman of the University of Washington, women are able to both go through and recover from extreme emotional states a lot more rapidly and easier than men are able to.

Makes sense.

We’ve all seen a woman burst into tears one second only to be totally fine 5 minutes later.

But when it comes to emotions, men are a lot more “fragile”. Gottman says it’s because of evolution. Men were evolved to be single taskers. To shove everything out of their mind except the one thing they’re hunting. And because of that trait, they are slower to get into an emotional mindset and much slower to get back out of it once they get there.

How does this relate with LYING?

From a very young age, guys discover that if they tell women the truth, women can FREAK OUT on them. Flood them with feminine emotions .

Not surprisingly, the program covers a number of other motives why men lie to the women they adore.

To understand guys, a good place to start is Michael Fiore’s new video. – http://chazlcom.whyhelies.hop.clickbank.net/

It makes men’s minds completely transparent to you.

So should guys always be honest with women? The answer is no — not if a man knows what’s good for him. You have to understand his position.

But what is his position? Know what he really thinks of you (and why men are so awful at showing a woman that he loves her.)

Learn why is he powerless not to stare at hot women in public, even while he is with you.

Understand why men cheat – and how to stop it.

The filthy truth about a man’s sexual psyche, and why your man WANTS to be objectified and how to give him sexual thrills that will have him addicted to you.


Men and women were asked 1 question each:

The Secret Survey Question For Women:

“If you had telepathy and could read any man’s mind, what’s the one thing you would desperately want to know?”

The Secret Survey Question Directed at Men:

“What’s the one thing you desperately wish women understood about men, but could never tell her?” .

Women responded with questions like:

- Does he in truth love me?
– What does he think about me?
– How do I make him love me?
– Why does he get so quiet?
– Why does he stare at other women?
– Why do men lie?
– Why doesn’t he talk to me?
– Is he cheating on me at this moment?
– Will he love me forever?

Top alpha males – married to beautiful actresses, models, and socialites – cheat. Being married to a high-profile guy ups the likelihood he will wander. You should know why and work to prevent it, or at the least, take remedial action before you are too emotionally drawn in.

And the guys (over 21,000 were surveyed), notorious for closing down when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions, unexpectedly opened up their hearts and contributed information like:

- What men actually wanted from women
– What they actually wanted in bed
– Why they cheat
– Why men lie to women
– What women do that causes men pain
– How women emotionally destroy men without even knowing it
– Why it’s so difficult to remain faithful

If you’ve ever wished your man came with an instruction manual so you could figure out what was actually going on in his heart and in his mind, this is it.

I don’t know how long Michael is going to leave this video up, but if you want to understand men, you need to watch it right now while you can: http://chazlcom.whyhelies.hop.clickbank.net/

Charlotte Holt
Guest Blogger

P.S. If you’re like me (or thousands of other women) you’ll find yourself nodding along with this video, shocked and grateful that a guy like Michael is finally telling you the truth.


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